How Tanran Reiki Differs

Tanran Reiki has its origin, just like all the other Reiki Lineages, with Dr. Mikao Usui and connects with the same energy. Tanran Reiki embraces change readily, and accepts that Reiki energy itself will direct and change the system as needed in the  same way that it directs the healing flow of energy during a Reiki session. The only ‘constant’ in life is change, Reiki is the same.

The Tanran Reiki system came through William Bagley, who sees himself not as the founder but the vision holder. He, in his words, had no intention of making any changes to the traditional Reiki systems he was trained in. And he has always believed in letting personal experience be the teacher and trusting the energy and its guidance completely. He found certain changes just wanted to happen after a while. New symbols came through, making it altogether seven with the traditional ones – then one for each major chakra . Also breathing patterns evolved and changed, enhancing the overall energy movement.

In Tanran Reiki there is less emphasis placed on where to put your hands than in other systems. Some other healing approaches have very precise maps of chakras and meridians in the energy body. They have specific sequences of hand and finger placements to accomplish specific goals. The Tanran  Reiki system feels that the energy goes where it is needed. If a hand placement can help the energy to do what it wishes, then the healer will be guided to place them over the area in question.

We first and foremost trust guidance and intuition with our hand placements and any knowledge of energy bodies is seen as complementary.

Tanran Reiki acknowledges that Love is an energy and can heal anything inside a person, given enough time, receptiveness and willingness to change. We never assume to know what healing means for another person, we simply trust that channeling the energy to a person allows for maximum healing at the time.

Tanran Reiki differs :

  • 7 Symbols – one for each Chakra.
  • Teaching of advanced (Master) channeling in Reiki I.
  • Intuitive Hand placements – as originally taught by Dr. Usui.
  • Use of breath.
  • Centering with 3 Gestures.
  • Emphasis on trusting the energy, guidance and ones intuition.
  • Acceptance of change.
  • At the heart of Tanran Reiki are the 25 Points of Tanran Reiki,  written by Founder and Vision Holder William Bagley. They are guidelines for embracing Reiki, and life.