Benefits of Tanran Reiki

All Reiki systems or lineages offer benefits to the channel and the receiver, quantifying the benefits is not something for us. We simply stay open to what the Reiki energy wants to do, how it wants to heal at any given moment. Generally Reiki can be seen to offer many of the same benefitsĀ  as meditation, it promotes peace of mind, relaxation, and a sense of well being in most recipients and channels.

Learning Tanran Reiki

We have found and are amazed by the changes that students experience as they open themselves to Reiki. Many seem to be answering a call from the soul when they sign up for a class or workshop with us and the gifts that unfold are beautiful to see – how people feel the energy and naturally work with it – even when they had no conscious awareness of their gifts beforehand.

What we give you when you learn Tanran Reiki with us:

  • Reiki Masters who are present to you and the energy of the moment and who are experienced Group Facilitators
  • Opportunities to ask questions and experience giving and receiving Reiki
  • Two Master Teachers per class for Reiki Master (balancing of energies)
  • Ongoing network support – ask any questions – whenever you want
  • Extensive manuals
  • Regular updates
  • Weekend IntensivesĀ  to facilitate your deepening connection with yourself and the energy.
  • Healing Retreats where you can immerse yourself in Reiki for deeper healing.

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