Tanran Reiki Symbol Card Set
Tanran Reiki symbols – on easy to use cards that you can use in session, for insight, for meditation and more

  • Dai Ko Myo the traditional version and the Tanran Reiki Dai Ko Myo progression set (6 symbols, as our energy evolves we can access other symbols)
  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen The Traditional version and the Tanran Reiki symbol
  • Zee Ga Na
  • Tanran
  • Cho Ku Rei common to traditional and Tanran Reiki
  • Sei He Ki common to traditional and Tanran Reiki
  • Raku
  • Doh Ya Noh
  • Deh Oh Ru
  • Rei Ki
  • About the symbols card
  • Instructions (rather suggestions) on how to use the cards

The card deck is really three sets of cards in one

1, A Chakra set of the seven main Tanran Reiki symbols in the commonly used Chakra colours
2, A set of the 4 (5 as Cho Ku Rei right and left hand versions are included) Traditional Reiki symbols. Dai Ko Myo, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Cho Ku Rei, and Sei He Ki
3, The Tanran Reiki Dai Ko Myo progression set, so you can tune into the different energies of each version of the Symbol.
Three Extra symbols, Doh Ya Noh, Deh Oh Ru, and Rei Ki

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About the cards

In the tabs is more information on the symbols and their possible meanings and representations. However, when looking at these or any other symbols for that matter, allow your intuition (often the first ‘thought’ you have when seeing a card) to be your guide as to what the meaning for you of the card, on this occasion is. And allow for that to change each time you pick up a card. Although we have mentioned that some of the cards are associated with a particular Chakra, the cards can be placed anywhere on the body to draw the energy of the symbol into that area, The energy of the symbol can be used in any location. Some ways the cards can be used, 1, During a Reiki session when it is felt that a client would benefit from a symbol, select that symbol from the pack and place it on the area. Energise the symbol with thought intention and by channeling Reiki ‘through’ it. Leave the symbol in place for as long as needed whilst you move to other areas. 2, Hold the deck in your hands, and silently ask which symbol is needed for you (or a client), then draw a card from the deck and ask for its message,or meditate with it until you receive the message. 3, As part of your preparation, display the cards and energise each in turn. Then feel the presence of the symbol energy and express gratitude. 4, Place a symbol in front of you, on your body or hold it in your hands as a focus for meditation. 5, Lay the symbols in a circle around you as you meditate. 6, Place a glass of water on a symbol to energise the water. 7, In Tanran Reiki, the seven main symbols can each be associated with a chakra, so by placing the cards over their Chakras and channeling Reiki through them, this can assist bringing the chakras into balance. The Chakra to Symbol pairs are:

  • Crown – Dai Ko Myo
  • Brow – Hon sha Ze Sho Nen
  • Throat – Zee Ga Na
  • Heart -Tanran
  • Solar Plexus – Cho Ku Rei
  • Sacral – Sei He Ki
  • Base – Raku

The coloured background of the cards also matches the commonly used chakra colours, although please allow yourself to see the chakras in other colours.

Dai Ko Myo is the Master symbol, it connects us to the divine energies of the Universe, it comes for a place where we are all one, all connected all equal. It is the connection to Unconditional Love that surrounds us all. The Dai Ko Myo connects with the crown Chakra and serves as a link with all other symbols. And for me I see the orginal Tanran Reiki Dai Ko Myo in the crown, and the others sitting in the aura above the crown. There are seven versions of the Dai Ko Myo in the deck, the first 2 (the traditional Kanji, and the original Tanran Dai Ko Myo) hold the same energy of connection. The later versions 3-7 to me bring in the energies of the originals and also expand the energy to bring in more ‘cosmic’ energy energies that link us in greater harmony with universal forces and other dimensions. These show an ever evolving pathway, a pathway of love and connection to all that is, all the has ever been, and projecting out into the future helping us  welcome and accept changes that must come with conscious evolution. The Dai Ko Myo connects with the crown Chakra and serves as a link with all other symbols. I am one with the great light which manifests as Love, wisdom and creativity, I relax into infinite joy and peace.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the distance healing symbol, it is represented in the cards in both its traditional (Kanji) form and the Tanran Reiki form. The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is associated with the Third eye or brow Chakra, The energy is a strong energy of connection including backwards and forwards in time, to past and future lives as well as this lifetime.

Zee Ga Na, is the symbol associated with the throat chakra. It has a poweful clearing and cleansing energy allowing and aiding us to cut ties with or let go of things from the past that no longer serve.

Tanran is associated with the Heart Chakra, It embraces the energy of unconditional love (which to me is the absolute energy of Reiki) and it helps link the lower chakras of Matter to the upper chakras of spirit. It is a symbol that brings us into balance, and helps us to be guided by our heart in all that we do.

Cho Ku Rei is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. The symbol is one of the traditional Reiki symbols. It is the power symbol (it is often taught that the use of the symbol increases the flow of Reiki Energy) Cho Ku Rei Helps you to stand in your own power, be your own person, not dependent upon anyone else for a sense of worth. This is Me and I am proud of who I am

Sei He Ki is associated with the belly or Sacral Chakra, and is another of the traditional Reiki symbols. Sei He Ki is a deep healing symbol particularly for emotional trauma. It comforts and nourishes the Inner child.

Raku is associated with the Base or Root Chakra, Raku Supports ans strengthens this Chakra which is the foundation of who you are. It is a primal energy the will to survive.

Doh Yah Noh This symbol is not associated with any particular Chakra, it can be used to seal the aura, and as such has a sense of protection and security.

Deh Oh Ru is not associated with any chakra in particular, but supports the movement of energy up and along the spine between the chakras. It is a spinal alignment symbol the can be used to promote movement from the the base human desires to higher ideals of the service and oneness imbued in the upper chakras of spirit.

Rei Ki or Reiki, this is the Japanese Kanji symbol for the loving transforming energy of Reiki. The energy that knows what each person needs and wants to heal them instantly. In Reiki we are all part of the web of energy and light on the planet. And as Reiki channel and/or practitioner you are Light, a light worker, who helps bring light into the darkness of others and illuminate your own shadow.