A selection of music that we use in our workshops, for meditating and more…….

Cho Ku Rei – by Weave (Sonja’s personal favourite by Weave)

Sei He Ki – by Weave  (Great for healing journeys to the Inner Child)

Dai Ko Myo – by Weave (Wonderful during attunements)

Shamanic Dream – by Anugama (I (Sonja)love this one, just soo relaxing, for me (Kerry) this is one of my top choices for meditating)

Galalisa Star – by Galalisa Star (Beautiful songs and melodies that seem to take me/others to a ‘different’ place)

Chakra Chants – by Jonathan Goldman (Powerful sound healing!)

Songs from the Heart – by Linda Webb-Khakaba (She is my favourite singer! – and all of her CD’s have such beautiful and powerful lyrics.)

The Spirit of Shakuhachi – by Debbie Danbrook (Very subtle Chakra/Healing Music)

The Way Home – by Sacred Earth (Isn’t their energy together just great! (Sonja))

Bhakti – by Sacred Earth (to start workshops, meditate, in the background when on the computer my top choice (Kerry))

Afterglow – by Michael Hoppe, Martin Tillmann & Tim Wheater (Great for journeys)

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