Tanran Reiki Gathering of the Tribe

13th-14th February 2021

A short notice gathering of our tribe, open to all Tanran Reiki students new or old.

A weekend to enjoy the company of your tribe in Reiki, relax and enjoy the Stone cottage and surrounds, or walk the property, maybe take a walk to the friendship tree.

It is a day of connection to Reiki, Nature and You,

A day to celebrate Reiki and its healing power, a day to celebrate you as a Reiki channel making a difference to the world in your own unique way.

There will be tables set up for sharing Reiki,  Guided meditations, nature experiences and more

Bring food to share, Ceremonies to share (Reiki, or earth/nature /spirit), bring instruments if you have them, and bring swimmers- the large dam is glorious on a hot day!

Come for the whole fun weekend or just a day. Catch up with old or new friends, no set program we will just go with the flow. Some accommodation available or bring  your camper, tent or swag!

By donation – the important aspect is you!

Contact me to let me for more information and to RSVP.

Where and when

Karisma Lambs Valley
February 13 (from 10am) -14 till 6pm or there abouts!

Blessings Keiron


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