Reiki I, Reiki II/Master Intensive, Equine Reiki, Bali Retreat

Reiki I

Thank You Keiron for my attunement and the wonderful introduction to Reiki I. You showed such love and support through your teaching I can feel my soul heal. The energy is simply bliss. I am looking forward to coming back for Reiki II” Bec August ’15

The Reiki Level I course was truly magical…….I learnt so much about myself, while Keiron ever so gently led the way. I feel truly privileged to have experienced all that I did with my group. I feel like I have finally come home, held forever in a loving embrace. Thank you so much…” Alison August ’15

“What a wonderful day and what a way to fully engage and start the journey using Reiki for the greater good. Thank you for the attunement and hope to work together again soon.” Grant July ’15

“Thank you Keiron for attuning me to and teaching me Reiki I. It was a wonderful feeling, my Soul is singing. This is what I have been searching for. I am looking forward to deepening my experience on the Reiki Journey.  with Love and gratitude, Thank you. Namaste” Pam July ’15

“Thank you for a great day and a great experience. I feel gratitude for attending your course. Sonja, I am inspired by your personality.” Sarit H.

“I am very pleased I chose Tanran Reiki to be introduced to my Reiki journey. Sonja and Kerry found the perfect balance between sharing information and guiding my spiritual Reiki journey. I feel honoured to have started my journey in such a beautiful place with such supportive people. Thank you.” Mel 6/6/10

“My life has changed, I’m more loving, more patient, I worry and stress less. There is something ‘bigger’ out there than life as we know it, and I can’t wait to learn more. I’m loving life!” Melissa

 “Thank you, Sonja, for providing me with such an excellent introduction to Reiki. Your loveliness, intuition and advanced knowledge make you an exceptional teacher who I would recommend to anyone, at any stage. I enjoyed a fabulous day!” B. Munro

“Reiki I was fantastic. It was a taste of something natural to me but had been partly forgotten. Being introduced to Reiki through Sonja was a major step on my journey “home”. Thank you Sonja and the Reiki Guides for this grace. I would recommend this course for anyone wishing to reconnect to their inner journey & join the service of healing.” Tony, August 09

“I had quite a lot of fear about receiving the Reiki I Attunement but felt drawn to receive it. Kerry was gentle and supportive and reassuring. Once I felt the energies in my hands, faith in the beauty of Reiki stopped my negative mind chatter. This is a bigger journey than I imagined – my spirit is ready and my mind is catching up!” Helen  27.01.2010

“You have helped me in more ways than I can imagine Sonja.  Not only have I been attuned and am able to channel universal healing energy to others, you have enabled me to go within to discover things about myself that are incredibly important for the healing of the planet. Since Reiki I I have been on a journey of personal healing. This can only make me a better Reiki practitioner. It is not just a matter of Reiki, but a discovery of one’s healing potential and opening us up to loving others unconditionally… with no judgement. However, that is also Reiki. Healing and loving unconditionally aren’t separate, they are one, just as we are all one. Beautiful loving beings with no other purpose other than to love one another and to come back home. You helped me come back home to my heart and to bring more light into my soul. My soul wants to be here as long as she can because she has a beautiful purpose. I am smiling and have little tears, because I now know.  Thank you from my heart and soul.” Sue, Newcastle

“Thank you so much for a fantastic day. Looking forward to Reiki II & beyond. Kind regards.” Leisa Graham

“For anyone who has had the thought of Reiki, even once: should without a doubt do Tanran Reiki. I am honoured to have learnt Tanran Reiki from beautiful, loving Professionals Sonja and Kerry. Thank you for my learning and development.” Edit Lak

“After doing Reiki I, so many things have clicked for me. It has changed my life. I live Reiki and am very much looking forward to attaining Reiki Master.” Tanya Winn 3/4/2010

“Thank you so much for this gift! It has given me broader insight and a deep trust in the Universe.” Janet Baic June 16

Reiki II/Master Intensive

“The Reiki space created by two loving and committed Tanran Reiki Masters in Sonja and Kerry for our Reiki II/Master Training Intensive was perfect to receive Tanran Reiki energy and attunements. Each of our wonderful group were enabled by them to embrace their unique life purpose and paths through Reiki. Thank you from my heart to those special people in my Reiki group, who shared their gifts and love so generously and to Sonja and Kerry for your very special gifts to us all. You both encouraged and guided me to again accept and embrace fully the gift of Reiki into my life’s journey. I have returned to my Reiki path and its call to healing. Thank you.” John Elliott 16-18 July 2010

“Throughout the Reiki II & Master Intensive weekend I felt I stepped into myself, the layers completely lifted. Clarity emerged and I suddenly could feel and see through the eyes of truth. Finding my way home to a place so serene and peaceful. What a blissful state and wonderful feeling of “Ah, so this is how it’s supposed to be.”, smiling from deep within. This course is not only about unleashing the healer within you, but also about self discovery. I have never felt more comfortable to be myself in any other learning environment and that in itself was an amazing feeling for me. I was (we all were) immersed in absolute unconditional love and I witnessed this bringing the best out of everyone in the group. Thank you all that were a part of the weekend and thank you to Sonja and Kerry who were not only my link to Reiki, but my two beautiful friends.” Jane, 14/12/09

“The journey of the workshop, training and attunements has been the most profound experience of my life. I feel real for the first time. I feel I have broken through the shadows of my heart. This is the gift the Tanran Reiki circle has given me and I am overwhelmed! May Love rekindle the heart of the world. May Reiki shine the way.” Helen J. Rubeli 18.05.2010

Sonja & Kerry put their hearts & souls & a whole lot more into this course. They are extremely professional but at the same time very personal and every participant is made to feel special. It was so much more deeply spiritual & more of a personal journey than I expected. After the 2 ½ days I felt as I do after a week-long meditation retreat – and I have been rarely out of ‘the zone’ since. Thank you!” Amanda Lee 26/03/2010

“Being alongside Sonja and Kerry is a gift as far as the support and love they offer to us as students is so unconditional and caring.  My soul has been yearning for healing and for a loving touch that has no judgements or conditions attached.  I realized on this weekend that this healing and love was present as we sat in the room as oneness and listened to Sonja and Kerry share with us their knowledge and wisdom and love of Reiki.  So I have been able to bring this into my day.  It is so fantastic to feel that within and then to be able to share it with others.  Sonja taught me to stand in my power and to love it.  Reiki is also delivering that to me on a daily basis as I practice what I have learned, or really, what my soul already knows. This is the healing I have been yearning for, and I thank Sonja and Kerry for guiding me towards that.  Thank you for your love and honesty.” Sue Atkinson

“What a wonderful workshop! Sonja is a living breathing example of the true beauty and nature of Reiki. This workshop is recommended for anyone who is interested in taking their Reiki practice to a whole new level, and open to learning a lot about themselves along the way. Thank you, Sonja.” Angie Savva, June 09 

“I cannot recommend Sonja’s Level 2/3 Reiki course highly enough. Everything about it was wonderful, from Sonja’s warm and loving personality, her stunningly beautiful home office and environment, to the presentation of the course material and practical experience. I feel truly blessed to have been able to attend this workshop and have gained an enormous amount of confidence in my ability as a Reiki Practitioner. “ Vicki, July 09

“This 2.5 day Reiki II and Master Attunement weekend was not only the teaching of techniques – it was a true experience of Reiki. Sonja and Kerry provided the perfect environment and with their support and wisdom allowed me to receive the attunement in a way that was just right for me. Thanks Sonja and Kerry for a great experience.” Danny Lewis – Counsellor and Hypnotherapist 24.3.10

“Since completing Reiki I with Sonja, my entire life has changed. It was only natural that I complete my Master Level with her as well. What a spiritual journey!” Melissa

“We are spiritual beings having a physical encounter. If you are looking for a soul filled experience and verification of that statement, spend some time with Sonja in her Reiki course. I did, and on my own journey, currently described as “a study of love”, Sonja’s course was a blessing. Delivered with an attunement to her own spirit, shared with love and an understanding of the true essence of Reiki, Sonja is deeply committed and passionate to her purpose. Sonja brought together the participants in a communion of their souls to share a glimpse of the possibilities of Love. Peace and Joy to you, Sonja, Thank You for being you.” Phillip Rankin, Balance Energy Australia, Newcastle

“What made this course memorable for me is the honest intent of the course facilitator, Sonja Bollnow. She embodied a beautiful loving intent for all, that was felt by all. Using her higher guidance the course unfolded as it was meant to, so I not only learnt new techniques, it also reinforced & instilled the essence of an open heart. To love and honour others & ourselves. To allow ourselves & others to grow & learn without pressure or judgement. This I have felt and learnt before, although within this course it was the underlying energy from a clear, honest, loving intent that moved me.” Kevin Hatton, June 09

“The Reiki II/Master Intensive Weekend was a truly beautiful and energising experience for me. Not only did I increase my awareness of living in the energy, I also felt at peace with myself and amazingly comfortable in the presence of Sonja and my fellow Reiki buddies. I now feel closer to being ready to offer this healing modality within my private practice and am living and loving.” Tania Gorton, Consulting Psychologist, September 09

“I had been attuned to Reiki Level 2 and have been in contact with quite a few Reiki teachers before coming to your workshop, Sonja. But what makes you different from others is, you made me aware of my own energy. I made an important discovery that one could be sheltered without any exterior protection. I felt very strong vibrations within myself and this began from the very first moment I entered into your peaceful house. Thanks Sonja for being my teacher, guru, guide and friend.” Alika Prasad, November 09

“Receiving the attunement to Reiki Master has changed me and brought me closer to my true state. I feel privileged to now be part of a healing power that does not discriminate – and flows to all with pure love and intelligence.” Tony

As a man well into his fifties it is very easy to walk a road that is safe and known. It is also very easy to consider that the wisdom of ones years provides the best path forward for the future. Time spent with Sonja when completing my Reiki I, II & Masters learning proved to me that there is always more to experience. As well, Sonja presents her courses in a manner that enables her students to understand that the peace and serenity that she experiences and lives through Reiki is both achievable and desirable. When passing on the Universal Love and Healing to others I will always be reminded of Sonja’s personal approach to teaching as well as her passion to make the world a better place.” Philip, Newcastle

“A beautiful weekend, very much love and support given by Kerry and Sonja. Having the Master Attunement with Sonja was a very beautiful moment. I thank them both for their loving guidance throughout my journey and am glad I was guided to learn Reiki from Sonja and Kerry. Two beautiful souls. Thank you.” Tracie Welsh 18.03.2010

Equine Reiki

“Thank you to Sonja for introducing me to Tanran Reiki! It has become a way of life for me. Walking out the front door each morning with an abundance of love to give is incredible. Horses are such amazing creatures and great healers themselves. With Reiki I am able to help heal them as well as help them keep a balanced mindset through their training. Last week a client mentioned that when her horses have spent time with me their energy seems different. They are calm and when they work it is in a settled way of going with a soft eye and little tension. WHAT A BLESSING!” Kim Peterson October 2012

“I was drawn to attending the weekend because my horse had recently had major surgery for colic and when I saw the word ‘healing’, I felt I needed to do this for him. I didn’t realise how much healing I would receive too. I booked in not knowing if Reiki was going to suit me. I turned up not knowing if this was going to align with my beliefs. I finished knowing that this was one of the most amazing weekends I’ve ever experienced (and my horse agrees!). Give yourself and your horse the gift of Reiki.” Gaye

“Equine Reiki is the most valuable course I have ever done without a doubt. The knowledge and practice you will learn from Sonya and Jenny is truly priceless. The weekend unlocked many mysteries to me regarding a horses emotional state and communicative abilities, so I therefore earnestly recommend that all horses owners, especially horse rescue centres, take the time out to learn Tanran Reiki. Thankyou both for an unforgettable experience ? “ Kim March 2016

“I write this testimonial 6 months after completing my Equine Reiki with Sonja. I feel just as excited about completing the course as I did 6 months ago. Sonja is an awesome Reiki Teacher/Master and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be one of her students. The workshop environment, learning resources, accommodation, meals and practical sessions were of an extremely high standard. Completing my Equine Reiki II has created new opportunities for me that I have only dreamed of up until now. I am well on my way to creating a lifestyle that includes Reiki for both work and pleasure. Thank you to Sonja and to her beautiful horses for such special learning experience, one that will stay with me for a long time. If you are looking at beginning your Reiki journey then look no further, just do it, contact Sonja for an unforgettable experience.” Sarah Stewart March 2016

“Sonja’s course has given me more than an Equine Reiki certificate. She has opened me up to the most beautiful act of inner healing. The weekend consists of support, love, understanding and compassion. The beauty she portrays makes you believe that anything is possible in all aspects of life. And the course was perfect as well.” Nancy Dent 23/09/2012

“Fabulous experience, great teaching skills and content. Very uplifting weekend coming away with confidence in carrying out Reiki on both people and animals.” Jan Cameron Smith June 2014

“I signed up for the Equine Reiki course having never had anything to do with Reiki. I had no idea what would be involved or if I really believed in it at all! After the weekend in Paterson, I am wholly convinced, not only that Reiki works (whether you believe it or not!) but that I can give Reiki to humans and horses in a way that will benefit them. Sonja was so warm and encouraging that I felt totally at ease the whole weekend, and I cannot thank her enough! Totally recommend it?” Keira Byrnes 26/01/2016

“I was fortunate enough to be offered a sponsored spot in Sonja Bollnow’s Equine Reiki class in 2013 as Director of animal charity Animal Endeavours based in QLD. Always interested in more ways to connect with and gain the trust of our rescue animals I very excitedly attended the course, located in a beautiful area of NSW, with wonderful kind and gentle company (and amazing shared food).  The course was beautiful, taught me a lot about Reiki and ‘being present’, and helped me refine the ‘good vibes’ I send to those around me.

I would recommend this accreditation for anyone in the rescue industry who would like to achieve a deeper spiritual relationship with the horses and rescued souls in their life. Sonja is a beautiful, non judgemental teacher who spends the entire course showing you how capable you are, helping her students be at peace within themselves and to then share that love with the world. Thank you Sonja, I know our rescue creatures will pass their thanks also.” Michelle, Director, Animal Endeavours Inc www.animalendeavours.com

“An absolutely amazing course. I work with horses and having learned Equine Reiki has enabled me to connect so much better with them and help them on a physical as well as emotional level. The best way I can describe how wonderful Equine Reiki is is to tell you about my horse Callie. It used to take 2 hours to catch her in a 1ac paddock unless I had a carrot to entice her with but she always begrudged being caught that way. After coming home from Sonja’s I offered Reiki to Callie. She approached cautiously, then put her head between my hands and started yawning, and yawning and yawning… since then, whenever she sees me she leaves her feed, her mates or stops her grazing and catches me.” 2014

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki I & II Equine Reiki course with Sonja. I learned so much and feel confident now to use Reiki on myself, horses and people as a healing modality. I loved the way that the course encouraged the development of your own intuition. I am excited about my unfolding journey ahead of me. Thank you Sonja.” Lynsey Allison 16/5/16

“I cannot speak highly enough of the care and attention we all experienced over this weekend. An enriching time we shared. Thank you deeply.” Debbie 2013

“The Equine Reiki course with Sonja exceeded all my expectations! I had worked with Sonja when my horse Revi turned for the worse with laminitis. I don’t know how I would have coped during the following weeks (until his transition) without her support and guidance. Revi put me onto the path of Reiki and I attended the training ‘for him’.
The training was emotional and teary for me but furthermore it was healing on a deep level. If you are considering attending this training – DO IT! I can promise you will not regret it and you will receive more from it than you will ever have imagined. Even if you are not wanting to work professionally as an (Equine) Reiki practitioner, this course is a highly valuable investment into you!” Anna Krups May 18, 2016

“The weekend was wonderful. A great group from very different backgrounds but with horses in common. I was sad it had to end, but more confident with practicing Reiki. It is a most precious gift. Thank you.” Lexie Hicks 1/5/2012

“The Equine Reiki weekend was so much more than I had hoped for. Sonja so beautifully teaches with lovely flow, kindness and support. I left feeling confident and able to use Reiki to heal. I would highly recommend Sonja’s Equine Reiki course for anyone wanting to learn this powerful healing system and improve the health and wellbeing of horses, people and themselves.” Penny June 2016

“This course was magnificent. I got so much out of it. With this course I reconnected to Reiki on a higher level. I thank you, Sonja, so very much. Namaste.” Vickie McKay 23/09/2012

“Thank you, Sonja, for inviting me into your home for the Equine Reiki course. Receiving my Reiki II attunement has changed my life in so many ways and I am excited about the new path opening up before me.” Eva, October 2013

“I highly recommend attending this course with Sonja. I have used Reiki almost every day on my family, pets and horses and couldn’t live without it now. Sonja is such a wonderful teacher and the classes are very relaxed and welcoming” Eva van den Oever

“Well done Sonja! I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.” Trish 30/04/2012

“Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend course and my highlight was connecting with BJ. Thank you. Sonja, you are a special lady. Thank you for the gift of realising what we hold within. Thank you for the journey.” Leanne Sandrone 2014

“Wonderful nurturing environment”. Mary 18/10/15

“Reiki was the missing factor in returning neglected horses back to physical, emotional and mental health. As a sceptic of Reiki for many years I had to see it to believe it.” Kim Geurts Northern Rivers Horse Rescue Inc

“Wow! What a weekend, I learnt so much about Reiki, myself & love. The energy shift within is incredible & the Universe pulled just the right people together at precisely the right time. I know we will be connected for life. Namaste.” Jen Muir 24/06/2013

“Loved the deeper connection and peaceful felt sense exploring Reiki healing with the horses. Powerful, profound and transformational in body, distant and present healing. Equine Reiki assists in all healing modalities, where guided. From comfort, healing body and emotional traumas (that being mind & spirit). Highly recommend.” Sally S.W. 28th February 2016

“Very well structured and facilitated 3 day Equine Reiki workshop! I got to experience the Reiki energy on my own body, so hence could feel and see visibly the Reiki energy on the horses. They were relaxed and loved it, as was I. Feeling ready to go out and “Reiki on””. Jane Reid 3.3.16

“Tanran Reiki has re-opened doors to my heart and soul which were lost to me. Through the guidance of Reiki I can now share unconditional love and healing to all. I’m truly honoured and blessed to have met and been attuned by two truly beautiful souls – Jenny and Sonja. Thank you both for finding me and giving me this loving gift and healing power of Tanran Reiki.” Kathryn

“I came into the Reiki weekend with reservation but I am so impressed with our learning and the outcomes. Thank you Sonja – awesome Master and amazing human being!! My life has changed and all for the better!! No looking back now!” Sharryn Hilton 3/5/16

“This course opened the equine world to me, as well as the Reiki world. For a non horse professional, but an animal lover, it was a blast. Wonderful teacher and great fellow students!” Suzanna Hammond June 2014

“After greeting six normal people Sonja guided us through, individually and collectively, to emerge happy Equine Reiki healers. Great work! When I entered the room for my attunement I had a vision of Sonja as an almighty goddess that will stay with me forever. This vision sums up Sonja as she provided an enriching and fulfilling weekend for all us students.” Mark Daly 6/6/16

“Enjoyed every single second of the course. Loved the people I was learning with. Sonja made it comfortable, easy, informative, funny and would love to do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you.” Sinead McCann 4/7/16

“I had a wonderful weekend. I got the chance to learn in a sacred and beautiful space with lovely people and amazing animals. Thank you, Sonja! I feel blessed that I could meet you.” Sonja Jan. 2016

“An incredible weekend. Sonja is a fabulous teacher and I look forward to connecting in the future. Thank you for everything.” Tania If you are considering attending this training – DO IT! I can promise you will not regret it and you will receive more from it than you will ever have imagined. Even if you are not wanting to work professionally as an (Equine) Reiki practicioner, this course is a highly valuable investment into you!

“These 2 days amongst beautiful people in beautiful surrounds replenished my spirits and provided me with tools for the changes I was experiencing in my life. Thank you for providing such an open and safe place to heal.” Fabienne, 9/2/2014

Bali Retreat

“The Bali Reiki Intensive was such a powerful experience! It has opened so many avenues of opportunity to me, both through acting more in accordance with myself and by allowing me to discover facets and depths to my journey I could not have imagined. I would sincerely recommend this experience to anyone who would not only like to more fully connect with their authentic self but also to (become) more entwined in the consciousness we share. My deepest thanks and appreciation go to Sonja and Kerry for the integral part they have played on my path. With light and grace.” Brooke 23-1-12

“It is very difficult to put into words, the unique and memorable experience of completing my Reiki II and Master course in Bali.  From the first moment I heard about the opportunity to do the course in Bali, I KNEW I was meant to go.  I looked forward to meeting the loving, peaceful people of Bali that I had heard so much about and to the relaxed and natural setting that was promoted. And when I arrived, I was in awe at the exceptional beauty of the Taman Sari Resort & Spa.  I’ve had the privilege to travel extensively and can say without hesitation that the beauty, tranquillity and exceptional natural environment that is the Taman Sari Resort & Spa blew me away. I just loved the warm and friendly staff and there was such a peacefulness and stillness I have never felt before at a Resort or Spa.  Kerry and Sonja were fantastic and created a sacred space for us to awaken more to our authentic self and true nature as divine love and as Reiki Masters… it’s been life changing and I can honestly say that the Bali Reiki Master Intensive is one of those opportunities in life that you do not want to miss!” Fiona Goodwin, _February 8, 2012