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Experience in person or distance healing

Do you want to feel more relaxed, less stressed, recharged? Book in for a Tanran Reiki session and gift yourself a loving Reiki session, in person or remotely





Courses for human and animal Reiki

Have you ever wanted to just touch somebody and ease their pain, or soothe them? Learn Tanran Reiki and become a Reiki healer for your self, others and even animals.


Retreats and Events

Immerse yourself in beautiful loving energy, emerge feeling refreshed, focused, more balanced and empowered. Book in for a retreat or mini retreat and experience being immersed in the loving energy of Tanran Reiki for days!

Meditations and healing journeys


Reiki Cards and more

Of course you don’t need anything to channel Reiki other than your connection to the Loving source of Reiki, however we all know it is nice to set up your Reiki space or home the way you like it, to help you relax into the energy, here you may find things to help nurture that feeling.

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Guided meditation sending Reiki to Mikao Usui

I recorded this meditation live at a Tanran Reiki level II workshop in February 2021. It focuses on sending distance Reiki through the Tanran Reiki HonShaZeShoNen to Mikao Usui, the founder of what we now call Reiki. Please listen and enjoy. The same meditation can be...

The benefits of learning Tanran Reiki

Are you thinking about learning Reiki?, there are many reasons that people choose to learn or deepen their Reiki connection, here Keiron explains some of them. https://tanranreiki.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Teaching-Reiki-1.1.mp3