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How would you like to experience Tanran Reiki at this time?


Experience in person or distance healing

Do you want to feel more relaxed, less stressed, recharged? Book in for a Tanran Reiki session and gift yourself a loving Reiki session, in person or remotely





Courses for human and animal Reiki

Have you ever wanted to just touch somebody and ease their pain, or soothe them? Learn Tanran Reiki and become a Reiki healer for your self, others and even animals.


Reiki Retreats 

Immerse yourself in beautiful loving energy, emerge feeling refreshed, focused, more balanced and empowered. Book in for a retreat or mini retreat and experience being immersed in the loving energy of Tanran Reiki for days!


Reiki Cards and more

Of course you don’t need anything to channel Reiki other than your connection to the Loving source of Reiki, however we all know it is nice to set up your Reiki space or home the way you like it, to help you relax into the energy, here you may find things to help nurture that feeling.

Our Blog

Reiki Healing Summit 2019

Hello fellow Reiki practitioner or practitioner to be,I just want to let you know about this Global Reiki Healing summit. and also that I (Keiron) had the amazing experience of being one of thirty Reiki practioners interviewed  for this inspiring event....

A big year ahead

A big year ahead! Yes and I know we are already 1/4 through the calendar year, and the first 3 months have been huge !! for us. Late last year, after years of searching, we purchased a magical rural property in the Hunter Valley of NSW  complete with two dwellings,...

Welcome to Tanran Reiki !

A fantanstic Reiki I workshop on Saturday (7th December 2013)  with a great group of students who all turned out to be very connected and sensitive channels. We had a few laughs along the way, a few tears and some big personal realisations ! As well as some great...

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