25 Points of Tanran Reiki

As Tanran Reiki Masters we agree to, live and teach the following 25 points.

They are at the heart of Tanran Reiki and were written by its Founder and Vision Holder William Bagley.

Group One: The Nature of Universal Loving Energy

1) To work within a spirit of non-judgment and acceptance.

2) To be a channel for the energy to flow through you and to not interfere with the process.

3) To trust the process and not try to force results.

4) To always work within a feeling of sacred space.

5) To always work within the permission given.

6) To send love and let the person work out their own process, rather than to try to fix the other person.

7) To believe that the energy has infinite intelligence and to trust that it knows what it is doing.

8 ) To allow oneself to be guided by the energy, rather than to direct the energy from mental knowledge about how it is supposed to go.

Group Two: Setting Up Clear Therapeutic Boundaries

9) To never diagnose what is wrong with the person or to prescribe a treatment (sharing impressions and suggestions is okay). Part of not diagnosing people is to not “freeze” them in a mental concept of their illness, but to see their illness as a mysterious energy pattern which unfolds in present time and is never the same for any two moments. We can also tune into and support the part of them that is always beyond all illness. By doing so we can help realign their physical projection with their spiritual reality.

10) To feel that Reiki is universal divine loving energy from the Source of all that is and is therefore the same energy other healing traditions work with.

11) To believe that the ritual of the attunement aligns the aura with the Source so that greater energy can flow through oneself and create a communal feeling of oneness with all similarly attuned lightworkers.

12) To believe that the energy is always at the maximum level possible for the moment.

13) To believe that the energy always wants to heal us of all illness instantly.

14) To feel that if we totally open up, relax, and allow the energy to flow through us that we are receiving the maximum healing we are able to at each moment in time.

15) To believe that, because the energy is intelligent, it will regulate the process completely, not harm anyone, or be too much for anyone.

16) To not promise any specific results, because the degree of healing depends on the openness, trust, and level of permission given by the receiver, and the intelligent timing of the energy itself in deciding what healing results to achieve in what order, and we cannot control this. It is okay to share that Reiki generally promotes relaxation, a sense of well-being, and some acceleration of the natural healing process of the body.

17) To feel that, because you are channelling sacred energy that you cannot be contaminated by the receiver. There is a Reiki affirmation which goes, “I am not here to take on your issues and you are not here to take on my issues. I am just here to channel energy.” This thought intention establishes clear boundaries.

18) To feel that, if you have done the three gestures of invoking Dai Ko Myo, breathing in a relaxed, rhythmic, and circular way, and feeling present in your contact with the receiver, then you are doing all that is needed to bring through the maximum healing energy possible at the time.

Group Three: Living in the Spirit of Reiki

19) To feel that, if I honour the one law of Reiki, that I can evolve my ability to channel more energy through me. The one law of Reiki is to do what strengthens my personal energy and not do what weakens my personal energy. By living within my Reiki conscience, I can keep my connection to the Source pure, simple, relaxed, and direct. I can bring this sensitivity and attunement to the Source to focus on my diet, my breathing, my walking, my emotions, and my thoughts.

20) To feel that, if I mix Reiki with other modalities, I need to take the precautions of the other modality into account. Reiki is safe by itself, but other modalities may not have as clear a boundary system as Reiki does. If we add Reiki to something else, then it is limited by the something else. If we add something else to Reiki, then the Reiki guidance will place it within a Reiki context and guide us in how to integrate it. This can be done when our intuition is fine tuned. Until then it may be wise to do pure Reiki sessions until the guiding intuition is felt.

21) To establish clear social boundaries, to embrace the rule to never date a client. It is okay to send healing energy to someone you care about, no matter what kind of relationship we have with him or her. It is okay to have clients. The suggestion is to not mix the two by entering into both an economic and emotional relationship with them. The possible conflict of roles can create an unnecessary confusion, because both can be deep and personal in different ways. When touch is involved it may activate emotional transference and touch hunger.

22) To establish complete safety, to embrace the rule to never share personal information about a client to anyone without their clearly stated permission. If you wish to share something about a session for general interest, be sure to remove all personal identifiers that would allow a listener to deduce or even suspect who the person is and keep the telling as abstract as possible. Reiki does not require that people share anything about themselves and this should ideally be stated before people disclose anything about themselves. However, when the throat chakra wants to clear, people may need to express something in order to release their energy. All that Reiki requires of a practitioner in this case is to listen without judgment, acknowledge that it is okay to feel the emotion, and not try to fix the person with advice.

23) Because a Reiki Master is committed to living in social harmony and individual freedom, we embrace a rule to lovingly accept our anger, fear, and sadness, and then to meditatively process them until they convert to assertiveness, skillfulness, and compassion. We will know we have completely transformed all our emotions into peace when our body is completely free of tension. By doing so, we become an agent of healing and peace in our world.

24) Because being a Reiki Healer is a form of right livelihood, we join our social community through energy exchange. Although the energy we channel is a free gift from life, our time and personal energy is needed to channel Reiki through us. Whether we charge a fixed amount, freely give, ask for donations, do trades, or have a sliding fee scale, we should only enter energy exchanges which feel fair to us and benefit both people. If a person does not at least show gratitude, it is probably wise to let them go. If we feel drained by another person, then the energy exchange is not fair to us and needs to be adjusted. We cannot serve peace for long without being supported by life and by those we serve.

25) Because a Reiki Master is united with the universal loving energy which creates the cosmos, we live within the intuitive wisdom and guidance of the One. We are meant to stay in the guiding flow of energy and purify our consciousness of all discordant vibrations until fully enlightened. We first trust the One to supply everything we need and then let the One become everything we need. As Reiki Masters, we learn to attract what we want and then directly manifest what we want.

It may appear there are many points, and together they form a unity with a simple understanding of what unconditional love is.