Now is the time to use this opportunity for introspection, to take the time to look inside and look at your life, where you are now, where you want to go in the future.

Has the way you’ve been living been really serving you or the planet? Have you been living your best life, being the best expression of you? Or is there perhaps another way of living, another way of being and living, that is more authentic, more connected? A life free of the shackles of fear?

There is now this opportunity with Covid 19 to consider how to live the rest of your life. The invitation is to make the choice to grow- authentically, Spiritually even. To choose to grow into who you really are, who you have the potential to be, not just in your career but for you as a person, a human Being , or you can choose to simply retreat further into the programmed version of you, and allow your heart felt dreams to slowly wither and die, simply by not acknowledging or embracing who you really are.

The opportunity is being presented to us through the virus and other things happening in the world is to sit with ourselves and look at what we are doing, whether the way we are living at the moment is bringing us true joy and happiness. Whether we are giving the best of ourselves to us and others. Whether we are contributing to make this world a better place, or whether we are living a life looking for instant but fleeting gratification or ‘numbing’ ourselves through addictions that appear to bring temporary relief from a nagging feeling often deep inside, but in reality keep us from finding that deep inner peace that we long for.

We all have something special within us, our gift or message to the world and living our gift or message to the world brings with it that deep inner peace we are missing. When we don’t acknowledge or live the gift, the unfulfilled feeling that brings can eat away inside us like something constantly gnawing, gnawing and gnawing away in the back of our mind, that feeling can manifest as There is more to life, I should be doing more than this or I am more than this. Now is the time for us to look at that and see whether we want to bring it out, or give birth to it. Now is a great time to do that, a great time to stand up and be who you really are who you are meant to be, and take your message out into the world with love and compassion Now is the time for you to take your particular message of Love out into the world, whatever you message or gift of Love is, now is the time to bring it out int the world.

The world is crying out for more connection, more compassion, more authenticity.

Your message may be one that ‘needs’ to be heard far and wide or maybe it is one that you can simply and authentically express through your way of Being in the world, in every aspect of your life, being true to yourself, being authentic maybe your way to bring Love and peace out into the world.

And maybe in order to bring your message out into the world you will have to grow, grow authentically- spiritually if you like, into the person you are meant to be, someone that lives and breathes that message or gift.

That is your invitation – to grow into your message or gift,

to BE that message or gift to the world and to yourself.

The alternative is to let that message, your message, your gift wither and die inside of you, like a seedling starved of water during the harsh heat of a drought as you shrink away from what you could have been, what you are meant to be.

Now is the time to take this opportunity, to grasp it with both hands and grow, say YES, YES, this is my gift my message to the world, my gift to me- to be who I am meant to be in this world, to play my part in the evolution of consciousness that brings peace and love out into the world.

By not expressing, not being yourself, not bringing that unique gift out – however it wants to show.

By you not being that, it can be the source of a lot of anger inside you. For many people when they get angry at someone else, after a while or even in the moment (at some level) they realise that what or who theyt are angry about is not the other person but with themselves for not being something, saying something, doing something differently in that moment when the anger burst forward,

That anger, that repressed anger within us, from not being who we really are, who our hearts know we are. From not expressing who we are at heart, is the cause of much disharmony within ourselves and within our community or family. Harmony comes from being yourself, and it is a journey, a journey of growth to be that unique Being that you truly are, to BE your unique expression of you in the world, that expression of Peace, Calmness, Love, Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude. These are the core ‘values’ for all of us at a Soul or heart level. But we have the ability to push them back, to withhold them from the world, but pushing or holding them back comes at a cost, a cost in our lives which shows as frustration, anger, discontent, STRESS and other negative feelings as we strive to fill that hole deep inside with things, (that hole in our hearts or even feel it as a hole in our Soul). Things that we are programmed to believe will bring us joy, help us feel complete, help us feel whole instead of feeling the hole. You know the feelings I’ll be happy when I have, bigger newer TV, Car, house etc,,,,,…. If I get that: promotion job,new girl,new guy etc…….

And those negative feelings inside can lead to stress then illness and disease as they wear down or immune system.

In truth the true source of happiness lies within ourselves, and it comes when we start to express ourselves, express who we really are in our daily lives and in taking our message or gifts out into the world.

What stops us from expressing ourselves authentically, all too often it is fear, fear of being that thing that we all are – different to others – unique. And that difference is our gift, and when we all express our gifts of Love we will then see that we are all different but the same, all connected, that we are all one, just unique expressions of Oneness, unique expressions of LOVE.