Hello fellow Reiki practitioner or practitioner to be,

I just want to let you know about this Global Reiki Healing summit. and also that I (Keiron) had the amazing experience of being one of thirty Reiki practioners interviewed  for this inspiring event. And I must admit I felt a little trepidation around it, speaking before a global audience is not something I have done before! But I trusted Reiki to guide me through.

I was interviewed about Reiki as a journey into Oneness. Oneness is something I am passionate about and Reiki is an ideal vehicle for getting there and I found it difficult to keep my answers short! And overall I enjoyed the experience speaking about two subjects (Tanran Reiki and Oneness) that are very special to me.

The idea of the summit is to inspire people to try new Reiki experiences or ideas, and to grow the fabulous energy we call Reiki around the world.

The Global summit organised by Reiki Rays, goes to air between May 20th and May 26th. If you wish to gain some different insights into Reiki from 30 Reiki practitioners around the world you can listen free by Registering here

Listen to them speaking about their passions, their experiences and their Reiki tips and open up some new ideas for you own Reiki practice!

I hope you enjoy it, Namaste Keiron