A big year ahead!

Yes and I know we are already 1/4 through the calendar year, and the first 3 months have been huge !! for us.

Late last year, after years of searching, we purchased a magical rural property in the Hunter Valley of NSW  complete with two dwellings, and we have been/are working hard to get it ready for all the courses and retreats we are so looking forward to running here.

One of the buildings on the property is a very unique building with an absolutely magical garden below it. Completely overgrown when we moved in. we are slowly discovering some of its Magic!

  • The stone cottage or rock house.
  • The original part is built of stone from the property. It has an amazing earthy energy and still needs a lot of work inside and outside before it is ready to host events.

This will form the heart of the accommodation for guests to the property, which will be home to not only our Reiki retreats and courses, (including equine and other animal Reiki courses /retreats), but also some nature based and shamanic retreats and workshops.

The first part of the year has been full on with renovations and planning, with not much time for me (Keiron) to run courses, however there is a new schedule of courses on the website with more to come and I am sooo looking forward to being back teaching!!

Sonja has been more active on the Equine front running Equine Reiki courses on the central coast and in Howlong. and she is very much looking forward to running courses here with our own herd, which by the way is slowly growing.

As well as retreats, reunions, gatherings, there will also working bees for those who wish to help make this a sacred place, where you will always be welcome. If you would like to lend a hand at a working bee, please let us know.

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Namaste Keiron

  • ‘Sonja’s Office’ (an old stable) one of the unique spots around the property
    to sit and look at life, meditate or maybe sit and share