Wow what can I say !

A  weekend of Reiki I workshops in Newcastle and Sydney. And beautiful experiences for me on both days. These workshops are so very special, to see and feel how people are called to Reiki when the time is right, and how they are guided to the right ‘teachers’ for them,  it truly still is an awe inspiring process. To be in the presence of people who have in some cases waited for many years, and even searched for years…. And to have them enroll in one of our groups  – this is so humbling, and I feel a deep sense of gratitude to be of service, of service to whatever wants to unfold on the day.

Yes the days were about ‘teaching’ Tanran Reiki, and, at the same time there is a sense of deep knowing, that more people have taken another important step on their path, another step on the way home to their true selves.

When I allow myself to step back a little and see the difference in people from when they come to the workshop and when they leave, their whole being seems to change, to become lighter after receiving their attunements into Reiki. In many ways it was as if on  this weekend 10 people walked into the workshops and ten different people walked confidently out, with clearer in(ner)sight.

My heart and my Soul would like to say thank you and Namaste, to all those who listened to the call of their Souls and attended the workshops over the weekend.

With Love and light