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Course details for Reiki I, Reiki II, Equine Reiki I & II, Reiki Master, and Advanced Reiki.

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Reiki I

Reiki I one day courses 2019

Course outline – Reiki I

This one day ( 8 hour) course teaches you how to confidently treat yourself and others with Reiki. It is a great place to start your Reiki and your inner journey.

The course includes:

  • Life long Level I attunement to Reiki – and you get the Master symbol at the start of your Reiki journey.
  • History of Reiki from Dr. Mikao Usui onwards.
  • How to treat yourself and others using traditional Usui and Tanran Reiki techniques.
  • Reiki I Certificate.
  • Lots of hands on practice giving Reiki – and a lot of receiving of Reiki as well!
  • An extensive manual – so you can refresh your memory and read more into Tanran Reiki.
  • Access to ongoing support.

What else can you expect? Feeling energy, energy flowing between your hands, flowing through your hands into your own body and into others. Feel or watch the stress and tension dissolving – this is what most people feel. ( the effects happen, whether you feel the energy or not.)

Reiki I 2019  Course dates

Sydney & Central Coast

A one day (8 hour course) including extensive course manual

  • TBA

Investment $270, Early bird (paid in full 3 weeks ahead) $240 Scroll down to sign up!

More dates to be announced soon

Hunter Region NSW

A one day (8 hour course) including extensive course manual

  • February 9, East Maitland
  • March 23, Newcastle

Investment $250

Early bird (paid in full 2 weeks ahead) $220

Other dates and locations are easily possible, please ask.

Register for Reiki I

So you are ready to take the first step in exploring Reiki! Fabulous, I look forward to being there and welcoming you to what could be the start of a new phase of life for you.

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Reiki II

Reiki II

Course outline – Reiki II

  • Prerequisite –  completion of any certified Reiki I Course.

This level is  about you and your calling to becoming a Healer. It is the level required by many associations for membership as a practitioner.  During the Workshop you will receive your Reiki Level II attunement. Becoming and living the life of a Healer has many different phases and faces and will unfold in perfect timing for YOU – guaranteed!

The Weekend includes:

  • Examining the requirements of the Tanran Reiki system.
  • Chakras and Auric fields.
  • How to do distance healing.
  • Relaxing, trusting, being sensitive and feeling guided from within.
  • Advanced techniques with the Reiki energy.
  • The use of the 7 symbols.
  • The use of sound and breath.
  • What it means to be a Healer.
  • Giving and receiving one on one Reiki, plus group healing sessions.
  • How to run a Reiki practice.
  • Your Level II attunement with the 7 Symbols.
  • Your Tanran Reiki Level II Certificate.
  • Healing of your past, present and future.
  • The Course also includes:

Group sizes are strictly limited to allow plenty of opportunity for personal attention.

Unless otherwise stated all Reiki II courses are held at our secluded and unique rural property in the Hunter Valley, where you can also bush walk or meditate

Course dates Reiki II NSW Australia 2019

March 16-17, Venue Lambs Valley, Hunter Valley NSW

April 27-28, Venue Lambs Valley, Hunter Valley NSW


Start 10am Saturday, finish at 5 pm Sunday.

  • Investment $470.00
  • Early bird $440.00  (Paid in full 3 weeks before)
  • Accommodation  $55/night inc light breakfast

Please note:

  1. Registration for the workshop closes one week before the course starts. That’s when pre work is sent to you for some prior study and preparation.
  2. If registering for more than 1 please supply email addresses of others so pre work can be sent out

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Equine Reiki

Equine Reiki

For a full description of the Equine Reiki courses please click here and you will be redirected to the Equine Reiki page
Reiki Master

Reiki Master

Course Outline,
Course Dates & Locations,

Course outline – Reiki Master

  • Prerequisite –  completion of any certified Reiki I and Reiki II Courses
Please note: Registration for the workshop  closes two weeks before the course starts. That’s when the manual is sent to you for some prior study and preparation.

Master Level Commitment: Committing to living in the energy

  • This level is a commitment to live your whole life within the sacred energy. You are choosing to be a permanent resident of the energy continuum, to make Reiki an integral part of your life.

The Master Level Intensive is held over 3 ½ days as a residential as this allows the work carried out through the day to settle and consolidate before the next day. It also gives the opportunity for participants to sit in quiet reflection or meditation.

The Intensive is about gaining the tools needed to start the Reiki Master Journey, going within for self healing and self discovery, to find or strengthen the resources and courage to support your commitment as a Reiki Master.

The Intensive includes:

  • Reiki Review – review of techniques and questions from Levels I and II
  • Extensive and in depth review of the 25 Points, and the bearing they have on your commitment as a Reiki Master
  • Reiki Master attunement
  • Instruction in and practice of how to attune others – all levels
  • Activities to aid in cultivating a ‘Reiki Master’ presence and outlook eg:
    • Chakra work
    • Guided Meditations
    • Healing journeys
    • Moving meditations
    • Reiki Kotodamas
    • Empowerment Rituals
  • Extensive Master Manual

Course dates Reiki Master Intensive Retreats NSW Australia 2019

The Reiki Master retreat is held at our secluded and unique rural property in the Hunter Valley, where you can also commune with nature,  in many ways.

  • June 7-10, Venue Lambs Valley, Hunter Valley NSW

Sign up now

Start 6 pm Friday, finish at 5 pm Monday.

Investment $1350.00

Early Bird $1250.00 Paid in full 6 weeks before


  • Extensive manual.
  • Accommodation, all meals, all snacks and beverages.
  • Ongoing network support and certification.

Book now and pay via bank transfer/ cheque.  Book and pay now using PayPal


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Advanced Reiki

Advanced Tanran Reiki

Course outline – Advanced Reiki

Prerequisite –  completion of any certified Reiki II Course.

This weekend course is intended to take your personal journey and your Reiki journey further. It is designed for you, if you wish to step more into the Reiki energy, learn more about yourself and about Reiki.

The weekend offers :

  • Reiki techniques and practices – to become more familiar with working with the energy and under guidance
  • Meditation and meditations that can be used for yourself and others
  • Exercises to assist you in getting to know yourself and heal yourself at a deeper level
  • Workshops around acceptance and non –  judgement of ourselves and others
  • Opening up to the bounty of the universe
  • Additional attunements and or Symbols that can be used to heal ourselves, others and the planet
  • Facilitated sessions around the benefits of self – healing
  • Awareness of the language we use in our internal and external dialogues

Personal journey?

Yes, the more we work with Tanran Reiki, the more obvious it becomes that Tanran Reiki is linked directly to our own way of being, and that the Reiki connection deepens as we do more work on ourselves or accept ourselves at deeper levels. From the experiences we have had and witnessed through the Reiki Intensives, it is apparent that many people are drawn to Tanran Reiki to embrace themselves, to come home or at least take significant steps on the journey home to themselves.

If this weekend calls to you we would be delighted to have you join us. To book in or for more information just contact us

Course dates Advanced Reiki 2017

To be published

Tanran Reiki Symbol Cards Now Available

Upcoming workshops – click for more dates and information

Reiki I

February 9, East Maitland, March 23, Newcastle

Reiki II weekend

March 16-17 Lambs Valley,April 27-28 Lambs Valley

Reiki Master Intensive 2019

June 7-10 Lambs Valley,

Equine Reiki Courses

Level I

Hunter Valley NSW
January 19-20
March 23-24

Level II

"Banyandah" Howlong NSW/VIC border
May 3-5,

Master Level

May 7-12,

Reiki Retreat

21-25 November 2019

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