Sonja Bollnow

“While being in Reiki, I can teach only love and that’s what I happily stand for.”

A little bit more background info about me:

I was born and raised in Germany, worked with Horses, travelled the world (where I also had my first love affair with Australia for 8 months – picking peaches and working on the Race Track as a horse strapper and some horse healing work here and there). Then studied Marketing, worked in Expos and German-wide promotions and landed a freelance position as a Fashion Production Director for Spain, France and the U.S. For 4 years I pretty much lived out of a suitcase, being booked for over 300 production days each year. Then in 1992, at the age of 28, I moved to Miami, Florida where most of the fashion shoots were held at that time. I entered a relationship, learned how to be a ‘stepmother’ to two children, reduced my production days to start another company with my partner and went through some major ups and downs. Looking back now, I can see that I withered away with doing things I really didn’t want to be doing and went numb, very numb – being again severely depressed and physically sick all the time (a replay of my teenage years). In ’99 I came across “The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer and that somehow woke me up, touched the core in me and became a true turning point. I started working on myself and beginning of 2000 left my partner, my job, my house, my visa status, my savings, my everything to buy a Dodge van and travel the U.S. Wilderness for 8 months.

The most wonderful Spiritual Counsellor, Jody Rowe Staley, provided me with a list of books to take with me, one of them being “Essential Reiki” by Diane Stein – which I shoved under the bench where it stayed for about 5 months. Then one day, being somewhere in Oregon, I woke up from a dream – a dream of me healing with my hands. It was crystal clear and I remember thinking “Me? Healing with my hands? How?” Then I remembered the books under the bench and read into Stein’s book, my first exposure to Reiki. I read that one needs an attunement, to be connected and that a Reiki Master does that kind of “stuff”. A few weeks later I drove into Ashland, Oregon where I found one of William Bagley’s Tanran Reiki flyers… the rest is history. …

I now live on a small acreage in the Paterson Valley with views of the Barrington Tops with my rescued animals Angel, Endeara and Brother Jesus (BJ) – all positive affirmation names ;-). Plus there is always a wonderful variety of Australian Wildlife. 3 Wallabies, 1 Goanna, 3 black Cockatoos and an Echidna are regular ‘house’ guests…

I absolutely love living here in this beautiful country, on this wonderful property and am thrilled when people can come and experience the peace and healing energy with me –as they often do.


I run the majority of my private practice and some of my workshops and seminars from here as well. It’s a very special place and nothing special at the same time.

My training and certification includes:

Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Family Constellation, Somatic Healing, Voice Dialogue, Inner Child work, Intimacy Training and Jungian Shadow work, Past Life Regression, Reiki Master/Teacher, Empowerment Facilitation.

Other Seminars and Residentials:

“Reconnect to Love” – Systemic Constellations for Individuals and Organisations

“Come Home to Yourself” – Journey to your Authentic and Empowered Self

“Heal your Inner Child” – It’s never too late to have a Happy Childhood!

“Women’s Retreats” – Addressing and healing Women’s issues

“Equine Reiki” – Making us better companions, one human at a time

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