At last, at times we thought we would never get there!

It has been another interesting journey associated with Tanran Reiki, our first web site launched in December 2009 was built completely by us, and it was a bit of fun,  some hard work and a lot of love went into it. The first site served us well it got Tanran Reiki in Australia out there on the web. At the same time the program used to build the site, whilst fairly easy to use, had some limitations which maybe we could have overcome given time and some expert help.

In the end, we decided it was time to make a new site and get some help, and of course help came along in the guise of one of our Reiki I students Tim Cox, and our thanks go to Tim for his time and effort.

And wow!! ….. it really is up it is quite exciting as the new site is much bigger and has, some nice stuff – like the blog that the old site did not have. And we are sure that there will be many changes as we add new information, and find new ways of keeping in contact.

Welcome to the new Tanran Reiki web site.


Sonja and Kerry